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Music Alliance Academy is a world class professional music career development firm, located in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.

We are a power house alliance of top Music industry professionals, performers and producers, guided by seasoned career development and education experts. Our success is proven over many years and programs are thoroughly vetted by music industry experts.

We are licensed by the Commission for Post-Secondary Education in Las Vegas Nevada. Our online programs are accessible from all over the world.

The Music Alliance is a community of innovative music creators with a passion for sharing their sound. The Alliance was created by artist for artist to provide a space and resources for like minded people to express themselves through sound and performances. We create a pathway between hobby and profession by providing mentoring, business assets, educational platforms and support.
World Class Partner
You are strategically partnered with world class professionals in the music entertainment capital-Las Vegas.
We provide you a coach, aptitude and skill evaluation and help get your home studio ready to deliver.
Music Review
Your music will be reviewed by award winning professionals.
We include workshops in Las Vegas Studios and Night clubs.
Elite Community
We provide membership in an elite community of music producers artists and professionals.
Financial Success
We help you build a bridge between learning and financial success in music.
Online Development
We deliver you 1000 hours of live online development, coaching and mentoring (as part of the Elite program).
Begin Your Journey
‘Life is a journey’ but without a destination, where are you going?
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Music Management & Marketing

Duration: 3 months
Total Scheduled Hours: 33
Investment: $700

Your next opportunity will be met with preparation. You will understand the complex structure and legal side of the music industry and navigate your strategic career plan. Yours will be an insiders look at the music industry from the perspective of the artist and business manager. Career development, management, artist branding social media, distribution, sales and marketing, negotiating contracts and applying for jobs/gigs.


Electronic Music Producer 

Duration: 18 months
Total Scheduled Hours: 915
Investment: $16,780

We will develop your competence and professional abilities, and enhance your natural talents. You will use professional music production tools at a high level. We will provide the feedback you need to improve your music. 

Together we will create a career action plan for you to execute. We will establish you in our Music Alliance community, where your journey will be supported during and after the structured development process is complete. You will be ready to produce professionally mixed music and begin your career as a professional.



We start off an extensive evaluation and analysis of who you are and where you are at.

You are the critical element, the raw material we must start with. You should be teachable and willing to learn.
Although there are education like elements to what we do, we work in real world music production and talent development.
We believe in what we do completely. You must as well. So understand, investigate & compare some other options below.

“More time in school equals greater costs and less time in your career. There is a point of diminishing return. Time, once spent is gone forever.”

– Dr. Don Ramos,
President, Music Alliance Academy



Program Ai Berklee Berklee2 Recording Conneciton LA Film School Full Sail Icon Music Alliance Academy Notes
Tuition $90,659 $59,880 $13,473 $14,200 $37,320 $57,000 $14,995 $14,637 Additional fees may be required
Duration 36 Months 24 Months 9 Months 18-36 Weeks 20 Weeks 29 Months 18 Months 19 Months Time to complete
Credit Hours 180 120 27 N/A N/A 120 N/A 100 Credit systems vary by accrediting body
Live Instruction Yes (in classroom) Limited (1 hour weekly) Limited (1 hour weekly) Yes Limited (1 class weekly) Yes No Yes (1,000 Hours) Real-time with instructor/mentor
Online No Yes Yes NO Yes Yes Yes Yes (+ Live Las Vegas events) Delivery Model
Personal Mentoring No No No Yes Teacher Office Hours NO Yes Yes 1:1 Face2Face
Degree Yes Yes NO NO Yes Yes NO Transferable credits
Instructed Hours 1,965 480* 108* 108* 600* 1200* Est. Self-Study Hours 936 1,000 (live instructed)* Total instructed hours
Hourly Cost $46.00 $124.00 $124.00 $78.00 $62.00 $47.00 $16.00 $14.63 What you are really paying for
Notes Classroom based. *Hours are est. by school. Program is not based on instructed hours. Students receive assignments and complete independently. *Hours are est. by school. Program is not based on instructed hours. Students receive assignments and complete independently. Largely instructed learning based on work experience model. Hours are est. by school. *Hours are est. by school. Program is not based on instructed hours. Students receive assignments and complete independently. *Hours are est. by school and include self-study as part of instructed hours. *Hours are est. by school. Program is not based on instructed hours. Students receive assignments and complete independently. Program is predominantly scheduled live and interactive over 1,000 hours. *Tuition is based on prepayment. Admissions often includes homework and self-study hours as part of their program deliverables.


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