Course Overview

In this introduction to the music industry, students explore the music business from the perspective of the artist and the business manager. Current topics are explored and discussed including new industry and alternative business models and intellectual property issues. Understanding the complex structure of the business and legal side of the music industry will help graduates navigate the non-music part of the music industry and help them execute better opportunities. 


This program will provide you an applicable working knowledge of the structural, legal, marketing,

and business side of the music industry within a span of 3 months, with top level educators who have one priority in their mind.Your growth as a music professional. 




Music Marketing and Career Management is your launchpad to the knowledge, experience and insight leading to your own personal strategic plan and a vision for your pathway to success. 

The learning speaks to practical solutions to real probable challenges that most will face and only some with endure long enough for their talent to rise to the top. You will develop an action plan then apply commitment and discipline to work it.

Who does what? and when?

  • How not to get burned (copyrights, royalties, performance/publishing/sync rights)
  • Getting paid to play (sampling and live shows)  
  • How will you eat? (Funding your career path)
  • Building a Fan Base (marketing strategy)
  • Creating a Brand Identity
  • Work for hire & production music
  • Avoiding servitude (your smarts, before you sign)
  • Being everywhere (digital presence and social media)


Nik Hotchkiss

Audio Engineer/Producer/Composer/DJ

Nik Hotchkiss is a rare multi-talented renaissance professional that brings it on every level. Music creation, production, delivery, management with high level mastering and engineering skills. His passion for helping others reach their potential has made him an excellent mentor and teacher. Music Alliance is pleased to introduce Nik as a strategic asset for your mission in music. 

He has a degree in Recording Arts and a Masters of Entertainment Business in recording studio management. Nik spent almost 2 years in Nashville, Tennessee working with trend setting industry leaders and audio engineers. He has worked with more than 500 artists at all levels of the music industry. Notable musicians he has recorded include: Lil Jon, Rae Sremmurd, Soulja Boy, Atmosphere, YK Osiris, Yandele, Riff Raff, Blocboy JB, Karol G, Jesse Royal, Abraham Mateo, and CNCO. 


He now resides in Las Vegas and is President of the regional Audio Engineering Society and has designed and taught courses in music production and business for multiple national colleges. To summarize, Nik is a total badass and engineering wiz!  

Taylin Simmonds

Music Industry Executive

Taylin Simmonds became interested in the art of Electronic Music Production from a young age. This passion led him to take online music workshops while still in high school and eventually become a graduate of the Electronic Music Production Program here at CAT. Upon graduation Taylin signed his first record deal with independent record label Blue Label Records. While at Blue Label Records, Taylin released multiple tracks that charted in the I-Tunes top 100 Dance Charts, co-produced/ co-wrote songs for independent artists and assisted artists in preparing DJ performances for headlining festival slots. After working with Blue Label Records and major PR Agencies such as Music Promo Today and Dotted Music, Taylin decided to take his career into his own hands by becoming an independent artist.