The Music Alliance Academy offers a one of a kind program that will teach you the core knowledge of what is required to excel as a music producer and artist. You will learn and practice the art of engineering, music production, sound design, arranging/scoring, marketing, career management/development and much more! 


You will have over 20 classes that will take you from beginner/intermediate to advance within 12 months. As well as over 1,000 hours of live instruction, guiding you along every step along the way. This program will not just teach you how to become a successful producer, but also set you up to become a successful independent music entrepreneur. 




In the first semester you will learn the fundamental technical and theoretical skills necessary to work in the audio industry as it relates to electronic artists and producers. You will learn extensively within industry standard DAW’s such as Ableton live and Logic, applying music theory to your song writing, and learn proper techniques for sound designing your own tracks.

Classes that you will be taking your first semester:

Music Studio Setup

Producing A-Z 1 

Producing A-Z 2

Theory of Recording Engineering 1

Applied Music for Producers 1

In the second semester students will delve deeper into topics covered in the first semester solidifying their knowledge base. Students will also learn fundamental concepts and terminology common to the recording arts are covered and provide a foundation for higher-level skills and more advanced audio courses. Furthermore students will acquire knowledge and technical skills such as playing instruments with Midi, looping clips, warping audio, programming computer based synthesizers and creative effects to help establish and develop their own unique sound.

Classes that you will be taking your second semester:

Producing A-Z 3

Producing A-Z 4

Applied Music for Producers 2

Music Production and Sound Design

Theory of Recording Engineering 2  

In your third semester, sound design is introduced and a further understanding of music theory  in music production and performance will be enhanced. Production techniques and sonic trends are explored in a variety of EDM genres, as well as a more advanced sound design techniques. The semester rounds out with a focus on continuing the process of exploring and developing your creative voice through an original music project that is crafted from an increasing scope of technical skills such as programming multiple forms of synthesizers, creative effects and higher level aspects of sequencing using industry standard software.

Classes that you will be taking your third semester:

Producing Styles

Mix Down and Mastering

Music Career Management and Marketing

Music Production and Sound Design 

Master Classes: Technical/Engineering, Composing & Arranging, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering 

In the final semester students will develop self-awareness by critically examining different aspects of their behaviors and personalities, beliefs, and habits, in order to develop a clear sense of the influence they have on their outcomes relative to what they say they want, and to further develop key competencies expected and desired in the industry and society for achieving success. As well as a focus on finishing the final music project with a mentor showcasing all the skills that were acquired through out these 12 months. The main focus of this semester will be to develop 10 minutes of original material that will be presented throughout the semester and finalized for performance and mastering towards the end of the semester. Students will also receive and apply feedback and suggestions from instructors, mentors and peers to improve their listening skills and achieve professional quality products. 

Classes that you will be taking your fourth semester:

Master Classes: Technical/Engineering, Composing & Arranging, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering 

Digital Music Arranging and Scoring

EMP Portfolio Preparation Workshop

Vocal and Musical Instrument Producer


Nik Hotchkiss

Audio Engineer/Producer/Composer/DJ

Nik Hotchkiss is a rare multi-talented renaissance professional that brings it on every level. Music creation, production, delivery, management with high level mastering and engineering skills. His passion for helping others reach their potential has made him an excellent mentor and teacher. Music Alliance is pleased to introduce Nik as a strategic asset for your mission in music. 

He has a degree in Recording Arts and a Masters of Entertainment Business in recording studio management. Nik spent almost 2 years in Nashville, Tennessee working with trend setting industry leaders and audio engineers. He has worked with more than 500 artists at all levels of the music industry. Notable musicians he has recorded include: Lil Jon, Rae Sremmurd, Soulja Boy, Atmosphere, YK Osiris, Yandele, Riff Raff, Blocboy JB, Karol G, Jesse Royal, Abraham Mateo, and CNCO. 


He now resides in Las Vegas and is President of the regional Audio Engineering Society and has designed and taught courses in music production and business for multiple national colleges. To summarize, Nik is a total badass and engineering wiz!  

Taylin Simmonds

Music Industry Executive

Taylin Simmonds became interested in the art of Electronic Music Production from a young age. This passion led him to take online music workshops while still in high school and eventually become a graduate of the Electronic Music Production Program here at CAT. Upon graduation Taylin signed his first record deal with independent record label Blue Label Records. While at Blue Label Records, Taylin released multiple tracks that charted in the I-Tunes top 100 Dance Charts, co-produced/ co-wrote songs for independent artists and assisted artists in preparing DJ performances for headlining festival slots. After working with Blue Label Records and major PR Agencies such as Music Promo Today and Dotted Music, Taylin decided to take his career into his own hands by becoming an independent artist.