The Global Business of Music in 2020


Music is your life. You know an addictive beat when you hear it-and you’re ready to spin your own. You want to create music that fills the dance floor and brings the roof down. Knowing what works, what doesn’t, and what people really want to hear are your finest attributes. All you need is a helping hand and a little know-how to launch your career as an electronic music artist. Are you ready to take the stage? Industry professionals walk you through the emerging and revitalized business of making and selling music.

Our Bsharp partnered program provides an in-depth course on the current US and global music industry business, taught by industry professionals, with practical applications for students.  The course is a college level course 3 credit (12 weeks, 33 hours, online) called Music Management and Marketing (MMM).


Everyone seeking success in the music industry will be more likely to succeed and avoid unnecessary setbacks by understanding how the business works. MMM provides real world insights into:

• Getting things done {who does what when how and why- then and now)

• Not getting ripped off (copyrights, royalty, performance/publishing/sync rights)

• Getting paid to play (sampling and live shows)

• Not ripping others off (sampling, remixes, fair use, clearance)

• But how will you eat? (funding your career path)

• Getting fans (marketing) • Creating or being (brand identity)

• Work for hire & Production Music

• Avoiding Servitude – smart decisions before you sign (contracts)

• Being everywhere (digital presence and social media)

Understanding the complex structure of the business and legal side of the music industry will help graduates navigate the non-music part of the music industry. Whatever role one takes on in the audio industry, an applicable working knowledge of the organizational/structural, legal, marketing/branding, and business side of the industry can improve the chances of being successful. Examples of applied knowledge include planning and implementing branding and marketing, shopping product, and negotiating contracts and applying for jobs/gigs. In this introduction to the music industry, students explore the music business from the perspective of the artist and the business manager. Current topics are explored and discussed including new industry and alternative business models and intellectual property issues.