Admission Summary

The application process is your simple first step. Just complete the online application form and you will be contacted by our admission department to discuss moving forward to enrolling with Music Alliance Academy. This is the beginning of you developing a personal relationship with MAA, an essential element of sharing this journey and adding maximum value for you. Our initial conversation and the next many steps will be centered on you, your music, and your personal vision.

The Admission Steps

1. Application Form Submission

2. Admissions “fit” Interview and Enrollment Process Review

This will involve questions about you, your music and your personal career vision. A review of the enrollment process and evaluation stages will be conducted and opportunity provided to enable you to ask questions about Music Alliance Academy including programs, processes, and financial plans.

3. Application Fee ($150) Submission

Pay for the application fee only after you have been determined as a good fit for the program.

4. Foundation – Personal Assessment.

This will include completing several aptitude test/questionnaires that will help both of us understand the fundamentals of you. You will also be required to submit personal ID and a copy of your High School Diploma, GED or High School equivalency. This is not required if you are 19 years of age or older. International students are welcome but please note program delivery is in English and delivery will be US centric in terms of time zones. In 2020 we hope to offer EU centric delivery.

5. Enrollment Agreement and Initial Tuition Payment ($1500)

This is your official enrollment documentation which when completed by you and reviewed and approved by us, will make it official and set the plan in motion.

6. Program Commencement

To ensure the community is balanced, we will first prepare you to maximize your learning opportunity by exploring your competency, knowledge and experience as key performance indicators. Structured learning and personal coaching will prepare both you and your online learning/studio environment, to ensure you are ready to maximize your development and be an equal contributing member of your class. If results indicate that it is not in the best interests of you or the school to continue at this point, personal recommendations will be provided and the balance of your fees will be refunded.


Application Form

Legal First name – This is the FIRST name given to you according to your birth certificate.

Legal Last name – This is the LAST (or family) name given to you according to your birth certificate.

Email – An email address that you always have reliable access to.

Phone Number – A phone number where you can be reached reliably and spoken to via voice.

Date of Birth – Specify when you were born in the format of Month, Day and Year.

Country – The country that you currently reside in.

Street Address – Your street address where you currently reside.

City – The city or town where you currently reside.

State/Region – The state, province or region where you currently reside.

Country of Citizenship – The country in which you are a legal citizen of.

First Language – The spoken language you are most comfortable with using.

Programs to Choose From – The available programs that are available for enrollment.

Semester Start Date – When would you like to begin your chosen program?

Have you spoken to a Program Advisor? – Choose Yes if you had any verbal communication with a Program Advisor; otherwise, choose No.

I Agree – If you agree with the Declaration, click the circle indicating that you agree.


Music Alliance Academy is a coalition of experts, an alliance of music industry and education veterans. We deliver highly specialized development programs for electronic music artists and producers. We deliver programs globally and are based in Las Vegas Nevada, home of the Digital Music Alliance and the entertainment capital of the world.

“How hard you try” will make the most amount of difference to your success. Disciplined, committed, focused, pragmatic hard work will make anyone better at anything.”

– Niels Hartvig Nielsen,
President, Immersa Learning Network Co.