Music Career Management and Marketing

Our amazing knowledgeable instructors have one priority in mind. Your growth as a music professional. Learners explore the music business from the perspective of the artist and the business manager in the context of this rapidly evolving industry. Alternative business models, intellectual property issues, marketing strategies, distribution touring, contracts and funding opportunities are all on the table. A comprehensive understanding of the complex structure of the business and legal side of the music industry will help graduates navigate the non-music part of the music industry and deliver better opportunities. You are provided an applicable, relevant, working knowledge of the structural, legal, marketing, and business side of the music industry.

Course Content
  • your launchpad to knowledge, experience and insight
  • Your own personal strategic plan and a vision for your pathway to success. 
  • Practical solutions to the challenges most will face yet only some with endure long enough for their talent to rise to the top
  • You will develop an action plan then apply commitment and discipline to work it.
  • Learn to not get burned (copyrights, royalties, performance/publishing/sync rights)
  • Getting paid to play (sampling and live shows)
  • How will you eat? (Funding your career path)
  • Building a Fan Base (marketing strategy) Being everywhere (digital presence and social media)
  • Creating a Brand Identity
  • Work for hire & production music
  • Avoiding servitude (your smarts, before you sign)

Strategic Talent Development Team